Happy Cosmo Day!

What a way to start in on the posts, right? Silence…then celebrate the Cosmo? It is a fantastic drink — or so I hear. I’ve been teetotal for pretty much all my life, and the sober life is as it does. I do however appreciate how lovely it can be to give yourself a break and grab a lovely cocktail, especially in the year and a bit we’ve just had.

Some of you may know that I work in publishing and have done for nigh on seven years now and let me tell you, the booze makes the lit world go round! I remember attending a literary convention and mentioning to someone that I didn’t drink. Their response: how will you survive publishing?!

How indeed? I wondered if I could find poems about drinks, drinking etc and came across this wonderfully fun and well written article on 10 of the Best Poems on Drinks and Drinking from All Things Literature. It also has this chuckle worthy little song-poem by Thomas Hardy (Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Far From the Madding Crowd) which does the good work of reminding you to have a drink, chill out and remember that the earth is not flat!

Thomas Hardy, ‘Drinking Song’.

Fill full your cups: feel no distress
That thoughts so great should now be less!
Earth mid the sky stood firm and flat,
He held, till came
A sage by name
Copernicus, and righted that.
We trod, he told,
A globe that rolled
Around a sun it warmed it at …

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Prescribing Poetry is run by Rehema Njambi. Poet, writer, and book enthusiast with a keen love of poetry. Here you will find posts about poems that inspire me, poets that I love and admire, and new poets that I discover and wish to share with you. You will also find occasional bits of news on my own poetry endeavours and my journey to getting a collection published.

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